Chris developed a passion for sports since his early days. He was heavily involved with hockey, track & field, and football while attending St. John’s Prep. There he developed a very strong interest in weightlifting, which he pursued after graduating. Never losing his competitive edge, he wanted something more, something to excel in, and something that challenged him.

While stationed in Southern California with the US Border Patrol, he met Greg Amundson and was introduced to CrossFit. He knew from then on that CrossFit would fulfill the competitive fitness desire he was looking for.

After approximately 4 years of continuous hard work, strength gains, and PR’s, he realized how beneficial CrossFit is for overall health, well-being, and community building. It was always an interest and goal to be able to coach the sport he loved and lived by, so he pursued his CrossFit Level 1 certification. Being able to coach people to stay functional, work to their true capabilities, and seeing the excitement and joy it brings to them is all worth it.

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