A product of Immaculate Conception, James “Nighthawk” Casaletto entered the world on the Twenty First of November of the year Nineteen Eighty Nine. James exited the womb via a technically flawless false grip strict muscle up to which the delivery room team applauded in utter amazement.

J, as we all know him, fell in love with weightlifting at a young age and contributed much of his success on the collegiate lacrosse field to his strength and conditioning regimen. As captain of the Wheaton College lacrosse team his senior year, J led his team to a record setting season and a bid for the conference championship.

After graduating college, J knew he needed something to competitive to fill the void that collegiate lacrosse had left behind; he knew Crossfit was going to be the answer. J joined CrossFit Wicked in May of 2012 and fell in love with the coaches and the community. He received his Crossfit Level 1 Certification in 2013 in order to further his knowledge of the sport of fitness and in turn assist in the constant progression of the CrossFit Wicked Community.

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