Our team

Our Founders

Brent Miffitt

Co-Owner/ Coach
From the ‘World of Warcraft’ to the ‘World of Fitness,’ Brent Miffitt’s CrossFit journey is a memorable one for sure. Brent played soccer as a kid, but he quickly traded sport for video games in high school. In 2008, Brent decided to get back into fitness again and that’s when things took off.

As a disciplined student, Brent specialized in kettlebell lifts and technique and eventually became a CrossFit coach. Brent started competing in CrossFit as a team in 2009 and again in 2011.

Weighing in at an impressive 145 pounds, Brent realized that his vegan diet wasn’t helping him in the gym or in competition, and that’s when he started to explore other options to help him perform and grow.

After a lot of trial and error (and peanut butter) Brent almost doubled in size, and competed in the CrossFit Regionals in 2012 and 2014.

Today Brent helps his members get fitter and stronger through proper nutrition and programming. Brent says that he’s a permanent student in the world of fitness, who’s always interested in learning as much as he possibly can, and that he doesn’t regret his decision to trade his computer games for a barbell 13 years ago.

Kristina Vamvouklis
Kristina graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting and Finance.
Starting at a very young age Kristina took on the sport of gymnastics where she competed up to level six then decided to make the transition into competitive cheerleading. Captain of her junior and senior year of both high school and college Kristina always took on a leadership role. She brought her nationally ranked team down to Daytona Beach Florida every year to compete at NCA Nationals. Since crossfitting she has competed at many local competitions along with other coaches and members of Wicked.

About a year into crossfit she knew she wanted to take it to the next level so she took her CFL1 certification to further her education. Helping others succeed has always been a passion of hers. She joined on as a part of the coaching team in June of 2016 and then purchased the gym along with Co-owner Brent Miffitt in August of 2018. Kristina became CrossFit Level 2 certified in May of 2020.

Our Coaches

Kenny Pierce

Kenny first learned about CrossFit in 2011, at a health fair at his local high school. He went and spoke with the coaches, went to try a class and was hooked ever since. Playing three sports in high school, Kenny trained through the CrossFit methodology all the way in to college where he played football and was a captain of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy football team.

He felt more conditioned than others and never had any major injuries throughout his football career. During his time at Mass Maritime, he was able to find a local CrossFit gym, near campus. From there he became immersed in the community, got his level 1 and began a coaching at the gym. Upon graduation Kenny took a consulting job and came back to the North shore where he began coaching in Beverly and now in Middleton at CrossFit Wicked.

The CrossFit community is extremely welcoming to everyone. The methodology welcomes a healthy way of life which encourages freedom and longevity. Kenny wants to encourage and assist in the progression of the CrossFit Wicked community and help others reach their short term and long term fitness goals.

Dylan Giustra

Dylan began CrossFitting and joined CrossFit Wicked in 2017 after seeing clips of the Games on YouTube. The competitive nature of the sport brought him into the gym and the community kept him coming back. Wicked not only offered a great space to grow physically, but the coaches quickly became role models for Dylan to look up to.

Two years later and fully addicted, Dylan took his CrossFit Level 1 Coaching Course so that he could return the favor. He’s always enjoyed working with and helping others to achieve their goals, however small or big, and loves being more involved within the community.

CrossFit is all about enjoying your time in the gym. When you’re having fun, it is easy to push yourself to get better. Dylan’s goal as a coach is to help people enjoy each class and walk away feeling a little bit fitter, faster, stronger.

Alicia Gomes-Miffitt

Alicia has been coaching gymnastics since 1991 at the age of 13. By 14 years old, she had already produced two state champions in Level 4. She competed as a Level 10 gymnast from the age of 11-18. She was ranked nationally, regionally, and was MA All-Around State champion numerous times. In addition, she received a scholarship to compete on UNH Division I gymnastics team. She was a student-coach at UNH and helped coach the team her senior year.

Alicia coaches at Yellow Jackets Gymnastics in Middleton. At YJGC she has coached girls and teams to state championship titles, as well as regional and national titles. Furthermore, Alicia has had the privilege to bring athletes to the TOPs Camp at Bela Karolyi’s Ranch (National Team Training Facility). There she had the opportunity to work with the National Staff on the various techniques and skills involved in the sport of gymnastics. Alicia is a “coach of coaches,” running clinics for MassUSAG and local high school coaches.

Since her retirement as a gymnast, she has been searching for program that matched the intensity she was used to training at. When she stumbled upon CrossFit, she finally found a program that met her expectations. In 2010, she was ranked 6th in the North East region. In 2011, she ranked 8th in the world after the worldwide Open Qualifier. In 2012, she finished 2nd in the North East Regional qualifier, earning her a spot in the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. In 2014, Alicia competed with the CrossFit Wicked team in the North East Regional qualifier, where the team finished 8th.

Shannon Kidger

Shannon is a college grad from UMass Amherst with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Communications. Shannon works not only in her field as an assistant planner and buyer at Havas Media, but also as a coach at Wicked on the weekend. With a history of 12 years as a competitive gymnast as well as being a former coach of the sport, two year team captain, two year league MVP, and four year all scholastic, it was no surprise Shannon instantly fell in love with the challenging sport of CrossFit.

Shannon was first introduced to CrossFit back in high school by former gymnastics coach and now fellow CrossFit Wicked coach, Alicia Gomes. Shannon first joined Wicked in 2012 during summers while still in college. Coaching the sport became of interest about a year ago, prompting Shannon to become a Level One certified trainer to help fellow members achieve their goals. Shannon decided to continue her CrossFit education and obtain her CFL-2.

Chris Pelusi

Chris developed a passion for sports since his early days. He was heavily involved with hockey, track & field, and football while attending St. John's Prep. There he developed a very strong interest in weightlifting, which he pursued after graduating. Never losing his competitive edge, he wanted something more, something to excel in, and something that challenged him.

While stationed in Southern California with the US Border Patrol, he met Greg Amundson and was introduced to CrossFit. He knew from then on that CrossFit would fulfill the competitive fitness desire he was looking for.

After approximately 4 years of continuous hard work, strength gains, and PR’s, he realized how beneficial CrossFit is for overall health, well-being, and community building. It was always an interest and goal to be able to coach the sport he loved and lived by, so he pursued his CrossFit Level 1 certification. Being able to coach people to stay functional, work to their true capabilities, and seeing the excitement and joy it brings to them is all worth it.

Joseph Tardiff

JT (affectionately known "JT Money" or "JT Cents") brings with him years of experience coaching and participating in athletics. He played both baseball and rugby at the collegiate level. He is also a certified EMT and a Police Officer.

JT has been involved in CrossFit for over three years and in fitness his entire life. He brought his extensive background and passion for athletics to CrossFit Wicked after doing a few benchmark workouts at a local gym. The post WOD feeling had JT hooked!

JT enjoys competing at a high level. He was a member of the 2014 CrossFit Wicked Regional Team. When he isn’t competing, JT is helping people reach their fitness goals.