Brian has always been involved in fitness, playing soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse at the high school level. After two years of college and not playing any organized sports, he sought out a new challenge and joined the Marines reserves. Once returning home, he got into coaching lacrosse at both the high school and youth levels.

After 15 years of getting a little too comfortable with being a couch potato, Brian started doing CrossFit in 2008 after 3 months of constant nagging by lifelong friend and co-founder of CrossFit Wicked, Joe Valenzuela. Brian and Joe have been friends since first grade and grew up on the same street together in Salem!

It took Brian just a few months to get back into shape, but he hasn’t looked back since. CrossFit has been everything he needed and more. He said that CrossFit provides him with a level of support that he could only compare to his time in the Marines, constantly challenging him physically and mentally, and stoking his competitive fire.

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