Private Fundamentals Program & First Month Unlimited Classes

The initial month begins the day of your first private Fundamentals session

3 Private Sessions &         $250

First Month Unlimited


CrossFit Individual Monthly Membership Rates

No initiation fee, no contracts

2 Classes per week          $150/month

3 Classes per week          $175/month

Unlimited classes             $200/month


Couples Unlimited            $350/month

*Must live in the same household and payment must be drawn from a single account.


CrossFit Annual and Bi-Annual Membership Rates

Pay for a year up front and save 15%

Pay for 6 months up front and save 10%


Middle/High School Athletes Program (Ages 11-17)

Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00PM to 5:00PM  

1 Class per week              $75/month

2 Classes per week          $125/month


Private Personal Training Rates

30 Minute Session            $40

60 Minute Session            $70



Must be an intermediate/advanced CrossFitter who has already completed a Fundamentals program (or equivalent) at their home affiliate.

Drop-in Fee                       $25